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Whether it be routine PC or server repairs, server upgrade/migrations, disastor planning/recovery, e-mail system setup or system security, Vopenka & Associates has the staff and expertise to handle all of your service needs.


Routine Mechanical PC Repairs

techQuality computer hardware is designed to provide reliable service throughout its service life. However, like any electronic or mechanical device quality hardware will require service from time to time. From processor boards to hard drives, our staff has the training and diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and repair computer problems. Although Vopenka & Associates is an IBM and Lenovo Business Partner, we service all makes and models of equipment. System repairs often require recovering valuable data from defective hard drives; another one of our specialties. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with the proper diagnostic equipment to perform repair services at your facility. If desired, the client can bring equipment directly to our repair facility for service.

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Server Mechanical Repairs

A properly designed and installed server will provide several years of reliable service but when the server goes down, so does your business operation. The server is the heart of your IT infrastructure. Mechanical breakdown of a server often requires high level software/operating system reconfiguration and/or recovery following the mechanical repair. Our qualified technicians, systems analysts, and engineers have the experience to address everything from minor server repairs to total system disaster following storms, vandalism and other forms of destruction.

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Server Upgrades and Migrations

The server is the heart of your business operation. As today’s software puts more demand on the server, upgrades of existing equipment or migration to new equipment are sometimes necessary. Migration from one version of an operating system to another requires both skill and experience to be performed in a reliable and timely manner. Our service technicians provide both these skills. We have been installing and upgrading computer networks since 1984. From the smallest installation to a complicated multi-level server installation, our company is happy to handle your project

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Disaster Recovery

Even with the best system design and protection, disaster can strike your system, from a single PC to an entire network. Storms, floods, vandalism, power surges or operator error can all have disastrous results. We have the expertise and tools to test damaged equipment, put back the pieces and get you running ASAP. Insurance work is our system repairspecialty. Our technicians, systems analysts and engineers can work with you and your insurance adjuster to diagnose, explain and remedy the problems with cost efficiency.

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Emergency/Disaster Planning

Our systems analysts and engineers can work with you to develop a plan for avoiding system disasters. From backup procedures, power protection data and hardware redundancy, software security to user training, we can develop the proper plan for your particular installation and budget. With the proper plan and procedures in place, what would be system destruction becomes merely an inconvenience, not a financial disaster. Expert planning is the key.

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Email System/Setup

From simple e-mail setup on your existing system to the application design and installation of an on-site email server, we can handle the job. Often a job as simple as adding a new employee to your email system requires an on-site service visit. There is no e-mail system/set up job too big or too small for Vopenka & Associates.

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System Security

Computer and network operating systems and application software have various levels of system security to protect the data from unintentional harm, malicious destruction, or unauthorized use. A qualified expert is required to design and implement the proper levels of security. Battery backups, system firewalls and other forms of protection are an integral part of your system security.

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