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As an authorized IBM and Lenovo Business Partner, Vopenka and Associates can furnish you with the best the industry has to offer whether that is servers, computers, backup devices or network infrastructure hardware. If your particular situation dictates using a different manufacturer, fear not because Vopenka & Associates has access to all makes and models. In addition to selling the actual hardware, Vopenka & Associates has the staff and expertise to do the data cabling, service on your hardware, and also provide systems engineering to ensure that you have the right system and configuration.



Your file server is the heart of your business operation. Selection of the proper server is a critical business decision. With literally thousands of different server brands and configurations, our systems analysts and engineers can determine your requirements and match the proper server to your budget. From a simple stand alone configuration to a multi-server installation, we sell and service all products. For your time-critical applications we can provide servers with data and hardware redundancy to dramatically reduce the risk of down time resulting from hardware failure.

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The hands-on contact with your data for each and every user is the personal computer. From desk tops to laptops, laptop our experts can match your needs with the proper computer on a cost effective basis. Selection of the proper computer to meet both your current needs and anticipated growth over the life of the computer is critical. Our experts can be sure you get maximum service life out of your investment but won’t purchase equipment beyond your needs.

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Backup Devices

Back up media can protect your valuable data from operator error, hardware failure, vandalism or other disasters. Our experts can match the proper backup device to your server and computers. Backup devices require proper software and configuration to match your usage and hardware. Training in proper backup procedures is critical. With network upsswitches, firewalls, fiber optic interface, UPS systems, wireless access points, routers and everything in between, we provide and maintain it all. Proper configuration of networking equipment provides both efficient performance as well as system security from unauthorized internet access.

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Network Infrastructure Hardware

From cabinets to racks, our experts can select the proper hardware to match your needs and budget. Networking equipment provides both clean and efficient installation. Racks and cabinets can provide your hardware an extra level of security to prevent unauthorized access or removal of servers and/or networking hardware. Equipment addresses and security codes must be protected to prevent unauthorized remote access.

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