The Vopenka Difference

Having served the Chicagoland area since 1984, Vopenka & Associates, Inc. has the knowledge and experience few, if any, can claim or duplicate. To demonstrate just how long ago 1984 was in the information technology world, 1984 was the year IBM introduced its portable computer, the IBM Portable weighing in at 30 pounds. 1984 was also the year the 3.5-inch floppy diskette was introduced. Last but not least, the first version of Windows wasn't even released until November of 1985. Vopenka & Associates, Inc. has been part of the countless versions of the Windows operating sytem, the advent of the internet and its unlimited power, and the growth of wireless networking.

Vopenka & Associates, Inc. has made it a priority to staff their firm with degreed engineers, systems analysts, highly qualified technicians and electricians that can meet all of your network infrastructure requirements no matter what size.

The Vopenka & Associates, Inc. fleet of service vehicles are equipped with diagnostic equipment and replacement parts to quickly address your needs, so in most cases you'll never hear the words, "I don't have that part with me. I'll need to order it and schedule another service call."

If your organization has locations throughout the US, Vopenka & Associates, Inc. can and will provide on-site service to your remote business locations.

With advanced technology becoming more affordable, Vopenka & Associates, Inc. can bring their expertise to the residential market for networking options, cabling and system engineering.

The biggest difference of all is that Vopenka & Associates, Inc. does all of these things at one of the most affordable prices you'll likely see anywhere.

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